Welcome to Group 133

Habersham, an award-winning new urban community in Beaufort, SC, is distinct from other newer town developments in a number of ways. For one, many of its builders and architects are not only professional colleagues but neighbors. What sets Leo Gannon of Group 133 apart, even among his peers, is his complete dedication to building enduring edifices of the highest quality. Combining an artist’s sensibilities with highly-honed artisan skills, Leo’s finished products are homes of striking beauty resulting from a close partnership with his clients.

Leo’s strong communication and organizational skills allow him to excel in his ability to build a home for clients while they’re still living elsewhere. His ability to integrate the old with the new, to assure outbuildings add to the entire property, and to come up with creative solutions to problems, have gained him the respect of his colleagues and clients alike. To his long hands-on experience building and designing new homes. Leo is now adding to Group 133 remodeling, consulting, and construction management services. Drawing from his contacts in the area, he can also manage and advise as general contractor.

Group 133’s ultimate goal is to make the process of constructing one’s home an exciting, fulfilling and mutually satisfying experience; one in which the client is as involved as s/he wishes and is content with the results. In the end, this will be a home for generations to come.

My hope is that one day, many decades from now, when old homes are being demolished to make way for new construction, someone says when coming upon one of our homes, “ ‘Wait, that’s a beauty. Let’s restore that one’
— Leo Gannon