Leo Gannon

Born in the Bronx, NY and raised in the Hudson Valley, Leo’s sense of adventure took him to Oklahoma State University, where he majored in architecture and construction management. By the time he was 23, one of his professors prevailed upon him to help build his own home; the experience of building with his own hands proved addictive. Land inherited from his father brought Leo to Callawassie Island, SC, where he and his wife Kim designed and built their own first home. Since those early years, Leo has designed, built and assisted in the design of homes in New York, Connecticut, South Dakota, Oklahoma, and South Carolina’s Low Country, always with a critical and creative mind, always to the highest standard. Along the way, he has also been a professional actor and musician, incorporating a sensitivity to the arts into his building skills. An affable man who sees challenge as a stimulus to creative problem solving, Leo enjoys best the relationships he forges with his clients while building their dream homes.

The idea of shelter is profound. Shelter from the storm, the heat, the cold, the wind….The process of building remains one of life’s most satisfying endeavors. As builders, we should always remember exactly what it is that we’ve been entrusted to do, and perform with that always in mind.
— Leo Gannon